First Thingstor Meeting: Wed, Sept 19 at 5 pm

The CMCS working group Thingstor is accepting new members!

Historic figureheads from the Peabody Essex Museum

The working group seeks to develop an interactive database for students and scholars to recognize and better understand the form and function of material objects referenced in works of literature and the visual arts. Currently, a team consisting of members from the Departments of English and Art History, and the University of Delaware Library is building a prototype entitled “American Literary Things” that will illustrate objects ranging from early references to the “Continental Dollar” or the “London Doll” to later ones such as the “Bowie knife” or the “Shirley Temple cup” cited in Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye. If you want to get immersed in material culture and build digital humanities skills, please contact for questions, or to enroll.

The first meeting of the Fall semester will take place on Wednesday, September 19 at 5pm (location TBD).