EAMC 607, British Design History Course: Apply by Oct. 3

“Baroque” display, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

With generous support from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Winterthur Program in American Material Culture is able to offer up to 3 slots in its course, EAMC 607, British Design History. The course will be taught during January 2019 but registered in the spring semester. It includes a week of classroom presentations and collections study in the museum and library collections at Winterthur before the students leave for two weeks of field study in the UK. The course is open to University graduate students only, via application to the Winterthur Program office.
Attached please find the current application, plus last year’s U.K. itinerary and block schedule:
The 2019 classroom and travel dates may be found in the application. Please note that the syllabus and itinerary change from year to year.
The due date for the applications as Wednesday, October 3rd.
J. Ritchie Garrison
Director, Winterthur Program in American Material Culture