Spring 2019 CMCS Grad Seminars

Ready to start the Spring 2019 semester?

Ralph Earl, Lady Williams and Child Artist, 1783 (detail). Metropolitan Museum of Art

Make sure to have read the list of UD courses that integrate a material culture approach!

Graduate Seminars:

ARTH610/ENGL610/HIST610/MCST: 610 Introduction to Theories in Material Culture Studies — Spring 2019 /  Professor Cindy Ott

ARTH619-010: Art & Materiality in the Iberian World / Professor Dominguez Torres

ARTH635-010: Colonial American Portraiture / Professor Zara Anishanslin

ENGL 874: “The Power of Objects in Early American Literature (1700-1900)” — Spring 2019, 9am -12pm / Professor Martin Brückner

Honors E110: Prized Possessions: Collections and Identity — Spring 2019. Professor Sarah Wasserman

ENGL/WOMS 380: Women Writers: “Virginia Woolf and Lesbian Writing” — Spring 2019
WOMS 410: Senior Capstone Course in Women & Gender Studies: “The Study of Women’s Studies” — Spring 2019 / Professor Margaret D. Stetz

GEOG 630 – Food Geographies and Food Justice — Spring 2019 / Professor Lindsay Naylor

UAPP 430/630: Methods in Historic Preservation — Spring 2019 / Instructor Cate Morrissey

Undergraduate Courses:

HIST268: American Ethnic Identities — Spring 2019 / Professor Rebecca L. Davis

For course descriptions see the list of CMCS courses here