CMCS Undergraduate Summer Scholar

In the summer of 2020, the Center for Material Culture Studies will co-sponsor one eligible University of Delaware undergraduate scholar through the Undergraduate Research Program (UGRP). This competitive position is called the Center for Material Culture Studies Summer Scholar.


The UGRP’s Summer Scholars program allows students the opportunity to stay on campus over the summer and devote themselves to full-time research for 10 weeks. They can work on a project of their own devising under the supervision of a faculty mentor, or they can work with a faculty member on his or her research. Students participate in various UGRP workshops, and they present their research at a culminating symposium. (Last summer’s symposium had over 800 people in attendance.) Students receive $4,000 for participating in the program.

Faculty mentors write a letter of recommendation for the applicant, and agree to be in steady communication with the student during the 10 weeks of the program. The form of communication is left up to individual faculty and students; presence in Newark is nice but not necessary. Faculty receive $500 for mentoring a summer scholar.

More information can be found here:

Students can apply through the website above, where application instructions are provided. Deadline is March 15. In accepting a grant the awardee allows CMCS to use any original materials they submit (such as a report and images) for promotional purposes, which could include posting to the website.

Students who are not selected as the Center for Material Culture Studies Summer Scholar will still be in the applicant pool for the regular summer scholarships.

All images courtesy of Winterthur Museum Collection. Left to right: 1951.0016 D Window Hanging, Curtain; 1965.1858 Rooster; 1954.0055.002 Drawing.