Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for more than one CMCS grant?
A: Receiving a CMCS award does not exclude you from consideration for future awards from the Center, even in the same category of award. Except in the case of a DELPHI award, which may be awarded only once in a student’s graduate career at UD.

Q: Some awards have two due dates. Which deadline applies to me?
A:  Funded work must be completed and all receipts for reimbursements received within one year of the award. You should use this as a guideline in determining which application deadline is applicable to you.

Q: Can I receive a DELPHI award while receiving other funding for that work?
A: The DELPHI award precludes paid internships.

Q: When will I hear about the status of my application for a Delphi award or other grant application?
A: Award decisions are usually made about three weeks after an award deadline.

Q: What factors does CMCS take into consideration when evaluating award applications?
A: CMCS considers a number of factors:
–for all applications, the depth and degree of material culture content.  More material culture content is favored.
–whether the application is for new research or presentations of new material.  New material is favored.
–for presentations and workshops, the nature of the venue or sponsoring institution.  Institutions with international reputations are favored.
–whether applicants have received CMCS funding previously. Those who have not received CMCS awards previously are favored.