How To Apply

*This page is under construction. Please check back for updates on the 2018 DELPHI Application process.

To apply for a fellowship:

*Please read “About the Delaware Public Humanities Institute” prior to applying.

By 17 February 2017, please send the following materials to

  • a cover note of no more than 400 words summarizing how some aspect of your MA or PhD project 1) incorporates material culture studies in approach or content and 2) the potential significance of your project for a larger public
  • a 300-word statement describing your research plan for summer 2017, including any other commitments, such as an internship
  • a one-page curriculum vitae, including contact information
  • In addition, please arrange to have two letters sent to by the deadline: one from an advisor recommending your project and one from your department graduate director attesting to your current status in your program.
To learn more, visit the institute’s Facebook page.
For questions, contact Directors Martin Brückner ( or Sandy Isenstadt (