Oct. 27, 5pm | “The Objects That Remain: The Ethics of Tending to Sacred Objects”

What makes an object sacred, and what does it mean to care for sacred objects?

In “The Objects That Remain: The Ethics of Tending to Sacred Objects,” DELPHI ‘21 fellow Margalit Schindler will join Jane Klinger (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) and Laura Levitt (Temple University Department of Religion) to bridge scholarship on Museum Studies, Jewish Studies, criminal justice, and feminist theory with reflections
on the practice and ethics of conservation.

The three presenters will explore the following questions in the event: how do institutions and academic disciplines differ in their understanding of sacred objects and how to care for them? Who actually does the work of conservation and how is it often invisible and thus gendered work? How do disparate stakeholders—national museums, private collections, police holdings, and others—preserve objects, and for what purpose?

This event is co-sponsored by the University of Delaware Jewish Studies Program, Department of Women and Gender Studies, Department of History – Museum Studies Program, Department of Art Conservation, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, and Center for Material Culture Studies.

Click here to register for the event: udel.edu/008783