CMCS Meeting Minutes Archive

Throughout each academic year,  the Center holds meetings with CMCS affiliated faculty to discuss upcoming events, relevant announcements, new and on-going projects and more.  An archive of meeting minutes are attached below in .pdf format. The minutes from the most recent meeting are transcribed below the .pdf archive.

CMCS Faculty Meeting, March 2018
CMCS Faculty Meeting, September 2017
CMCS Faculty Meeting, February 2017
CMCS Faculty Meeting, November 2016
CMCS Faculty Meeting, September 2016

Center for Material Culture Studies
Meeting Agenda & Minutes

March 14, 2018
211 Old College 12:10-1 pm

In attendance: Larry Nees, Debbie Norris, Julie McGee, Monica Dominguez-Torres, Wendy Bellion, Joyce Stoner, Margaret Stetz, Jessica Horton, Mark Samuels Lasner, Laura Helton, Vimalin Rujivacharakul, Tyson Sukava, Jennifer van Horn, Lance Winn, Sandy Isenstadt, Tom Rocek

  1. Greetings and Introduction of new people
  2. Updates
  • New Graduate Assistant
    • Jessica Venturi is leaving this term. Brückner and Isenstadt are interviewing for a new GA.
  • MCST610
    • Developed by MB, co-taught now by Brückner and VanHorn, seeking new faculty for Spring 2019, possibly Cindy Ott
  • Graduate Working Group
    • New management, past excursions, spring, summer, and fall plans for workshops, site visits
  • ThingStor update – prototype database:
    • Role of grad student working group, ongoing development of database, will become basis for future grant applications
  1. Delphi, 2018
  • Incoming Class: 16 students total, students from 6 programs: 2 from art, 3 from art history, 2 from English, 2 from history, 2 from Winterthur program, 5 from art conservation
  • Speakers/Sessions: sessions on writing for different audiences, including op Ed and grant writing, interviewing, including radio and TV, social media, including websites, public engagement Roundtable, sessions on researching and copywriting of images, currently searching for a speaker from government or an elected official.
  1. Upcoming CMCS events and deadlines

March 15, 2018

  • Grant Deadlines for grad student awards: Collections-Based Seminar; Research Travel and Research Presentation Fund; Friends of Rockwood Fund; Finkel Fund

April 27-28, 2018

  • Emerging Scholars Symposium, Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

“Hazardous Objects: Function, Materiality, and Context”

— faculty recommend that graduate students serve as moderators prepared with several questions, rather than serve as respondents, which can be a little tricky for junior scholars. Graduate students could also be encouraged to enlist their peers in preparing additional questions for speakers.

Spring, 2019

  • 2nd Biennial CMCS Conference: African American Book Culture. Laura Helton and Curtis Small

– Laura Helton describes the planning process in further detail

  1. Publication Projects
  • Fugitive Archives – edited volume; result of CMCS-U Mainz symposium
    • high quality of faculty contributions, MB and SI working through graduate student submissions, August 1 deadline for revised versions, upcoming meeting with Julia Oestereich from UD Press, flexibility of “Open Journal System” format to accommodate varying lengths of articles in varying numbers of images
  • Imagined Forms: Modeling and Material Culture – edited volume resulting from CMCS-Hagley symposium
    • selected contributions from November symposium at Hagley, high quality of contributors including several luminaries.
    • Question regarding involvement of grad students and consequent suggestion regarding use of graduate students as auxiliary editors to MB, SI, SW.
  1. Discussion: the Future
  • Symposium ideas
    • 2019 African-American book culture, opening for 2021 symposium, continuing alternation with emerging scholars symposium, other support for faculty led workshops and symposia: Vimalin explains her fall symposium, scheduled for October 10 – 14; Wendy explains a behind the scenes look at the Winterthur library as part of the series of Saturday symposia, scheduled for April 21
  • Directions for CMCS
    • having established itself with a series of grant programs and publication initiatives, the center looks to its faculty for new initiatives. Discussion focuses on developing a humanities Center with a material culture theme, which could include a faculty fellow, postdoctoral positions, a year-long course centered around a particular theme, which could meet once a month during the academic year in feature outside scholars who deliver a lecture and run a workshop with graduate students based on the speakers own writings. Other models for this center could include the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers University.
    • CMCS could help coordinate with University museums and special collections for exhibition planning, and trying to tie exhibitions to course content offered by CMCS faculty members. Examples include upcoming exhibition on Inuit culture.
    • CMCS could take the lead on an NEH summer seminar, affectively offering Delphi for faculty, theme of public engagement in the humanities
  • Leadership
    • Isenstadt rotates off directorship, followed by Brückner to allow for staggered leadership positions.