CMCS Meeting Minutes Archive

Throughout each academic year,  the Center holds meetings with CMCS affiliated faculty to discuss upcoming events, relevant announcements, new and on-going projects and more.  An archive of meeting minutes are attached below in .pdf format. The minutes from the most recent meeting are transcribed below the .pdf archive.

CMCS Faculty Meeting, September 2018

CMCS Faculty Meeting, March 2018
CMCS Faculty Meeting, September 2017
CMCS Faculty Meeting, February 2017
CMCS Faculty Meeting, November 2016
CMCS Faculty Meeting, September 2016

Center for Material Culture Studies
Meeting Agenda & Minutes

September 19, 2018
211 Old College 12:10-12:55 pm

In attendance: Sarah Wasserman, Julie LMcGee, Kasey Grier, Janis A. Tomlinson, Lu Ann DeCunzo, Jesse R. Erickson, Thomas Guiler, Vimalin Rujivacharakul, Monica McCormick, Anne Bowler, Cindy Ott, Catharine Dann Roeber, Catherine Heilferty, Margaret Stetz, Wendy Bellion, Monica Dominguez Torres, Debra Hess Norris, Sandra K. Millard, Jason Hill, Laura Schmidt, Alba Campo Rosillo, Sandy Isenstadt, Martin Brückner.

1. Greetings and Introduction of new people

2. CMCS Report of 2017-2018 activities

● 15th Emerging Scholars Graduate Conference “Hazardous Objects”
(16th ES conference to be held in 2020)
Symposium ran by grad students, 30+ paper submissions

● Delaware Public Humanities Institute (DELPHI) 2018
Cohort of 16 graduate students

● 2017-2018 CMCS Graduate Awards
-The CMCS Graduate Research Travel Fund
7 awards totaling $10,500
– The CMCS Graduate Research Presentation Fund
6 awards totaling $5,408.37
– The Friends of Rockwood Fund
1 award totaling $1,012
– The Finkel Fund
3 awards totaling $6,780

● Graduate Working Groups (Media Old and New; MCGrad Caucus; ThingStor)

Media Old and New: Sarah Wasserman, Jason Hill; there are 3 Fall events already scheduled for November, 1 for April next year, see list here ; both co-conveners will be stopping in their role after this academic year, looking for volunteers to replace them

MCGrad Caucus: graduate students Victoria Sunnergren and Michael Doss; the group has 2-3 on-site meetings planned: a recruitment event during to discuss object narratives (using a podcast as a pedagogical tool), and at least one (but perhaps two) work-in-progress meetings (inviting select faculty members to the first of these project sharing meetings); a visit to Winterthur and the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, with Sarah Wasserman to guide discussion about the Barnes; one of the Methods group members, Erica Lome, is taking charge of developing a writing group that will exist as an offshoot of the Methods group, setting up regular meetings and draft-sharing workshops over the course of the semester

CMCS ThingStor Working Group: UD graduate and undergraduate volunteers from English and Art History; ThingStor is conceived as an interactive digital database enabling students and scholars to recognize, understand, and ultimately conduct new research on the form and function of material objects referenced in the works of literature and the visual arts; the group focuses on object references published in English and American literature between the 1850s and 1870s with the goal to roll out the database prototype by the end of the fall semester.

3. Upcoming CMCS events

Oct 5, 2018
● Deadline for CFPs for 2nd Biannual CMCS Conference “Black Bibliographia”

Oct 15, 2018
● Deadlines for Grad Student Awards
Students encouraged to apply

November 27 or 28, 2018
● DELPHI 2018 reunion and information meeting for DELPHI 2019
More attended every year

April 26-27, 2019
● Second Biennial CMCS Conference “Black Bibliographia: Print/Culture/Art”
[organized by Jesse Erickson (Special Collections), Laura Helton (English), and Curtis Small (Special Collections)]. The symposium wants to reconsider the question “What is a black book?” to interrogate how do the arts of the book speak to our conceptions and constructions of blackness. “Black Bibliographia” represents the second biennial conference sponsored by the Center for Material Culture Studies.
There are several presenters confirmed: the Keynote speakers Jacqueline Goldsby, Meredith McGill, and Tia Blassingame; Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. will be the Printer-in-Residence.
There will be two days with a different location for each day: Morris Library (Friday) Memorial Hall (Saturday); October 5 submissions deadline.

May 16-17, 2019
● CMCS hosts CAMC (Consortium for American Material Culture)
Day with 10-20 people discussing experience in Material Culture Studies, + half day visiting an interesting site.

May 23-June 7, 2019
● DELPHI 2019
Dates might change

4. Discussion

● CAMC: our program and goals for the meeting?
-idea of workshopping what’s next, how to make CMCS bigger, stronger, better; local grad students will be invited
-certificate in Material Culture Studies?
-Hagley industrial design prototypes?
-conceptualising house museums & material culture (3 sites in the area): Mount Cuba, Winterthur,
-organize an opportunity to discuss Material Culture Studies and environmental issues (Brandywine River Musem)

● Material Culture Teaching Collection?
-Museum Studies could manage the collection
-otherwise, could each faculty member list three objects that could lend for teaching purposes
-need to properly inventorize the museums’ collection to know what is there and could be made available for teaching purposes

● Material Culture Social Hour @ Faculty Commons?
Positive reaction among attendees

5. Other Business?
-winter session for Delphi
-Delphi for undergrads
-study abroad or winter/summer program for Material Culture Studies
-year-long fellowship program in CMCS, like the Wolf program at PENN
-summer program that runs in the summer to diversify the Humanities, CMCS in collaboration with other departments
-funding for travel and stay for the visiting students
-package Delphi as a NEH summer program
-Special collections & Museums events program