Special Collections Online Exhibition – “Greetings from Delaware: A Century of Postcards”

Greetings from Delaware, 1940–1945. Published by Del Mar News Agency, Wilmington, DE. Postcard, 14 x 9 cm. From the Delaware Postcard Collection.

The University of Delaware’s Special Collections has recently published the online exhibition “Greetings from Delaware: A Century of Postcards.”

Postcards have long been a part of American material culture, yet they did not always look like they do now. Distinguished as cards intended for mailing without an envelope, their history extends back to the mid-nineteenth century. This exhibition charts the history of postcards from Delaware from 1898 through 2009. Drawn from the Library’s Delaware Postcard Collection, these objects of local ephemera demonstrate not only how postcards changed over time but also how different Delaware locales developed throughout the last century.

This exhibition is curated by Meghan Angelos, a Ph.D. candidate in Art History and the 2020–2021 Graduate Assistant in Special Collections.

The exhibition will be complemented by a “Conversation with the Curator” on April 6, from 12-1pm. Please register for this free event here.