CFP: Fashion & Media, Drexel University

Fashion is signified and utilized through various forms of media. In this  Fashion And Media Symposium we will focus on how fashion is portrayed in all types of media. Presentations should examine the representations and expressions of fashion, apparel, garments, clothing, and textiles in various forms. Whether examining the latest technological innovations in fashion design, merchandising, retailing or how clothing is portrayed in paintings and sculpture, to the use of social media allowing an individual to show the latest clothing they purchased to friends, this symposium aims to push the envelope of scholarship to gain new understandings about the visual expression of fashion, apparel, garments, clothing and textiles through all media types. From the historical to the contemporary – the technological to fine artistic expression, Fashion And Media aims to be international in scope and represent a wide variety of disciplines, with a particular emphasis on perspectives and approaches from the humanities,  arts and social sciences.

Presentation Outcomes:
All abstracts will be double-blind peer-reviewed and those accepted will give a 20 minute presentation at our conference in concurrent sessions.
We also welcome visual works and design, see our website:

Publication Outcomes
The broad nature of fashion in relation to media and culture allows for a wide variety of articles.  For many academics what counts towards publication varies by country, institutions of learning, and where a particular participant is in their academic career. This symposium will have all abstracts published with various other outlets for full paper publication. Final papers will have the possibility to be published in a book or an indexed journal. All abstract submissions for this conference will be double blind peer-reviewed prior to acceptance. Those who would like to pursue publication in a book or indexed journal will have the option. Final submissions will be reviewed for ultimate outcomes. The conference chair Dr. Joseph H. Hancock, II is working with Intellect Publishers to provide these opportunities for all who participate.

Abstracts, artwork, design and papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis see our website for details:

Those with questions should email Dr. Joseph H. Hancock, II at